BiRetail - Sales Analytics

How to keep up with this pace?

The retail industry is becoming more dynamic on a daily basis. As a consequence retailers’ main tasks have shifted. The primary goal is to find new ways to appeal to the consumer and further improve the experience. The best way to solve this case is analytics. With its help, the business can choose the best strategy to increase the company's total sales.


The most complex task in the retail industry is to deal with the diversity of systems when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. This directly affects the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and also the total sales - product or service

Harness all the data in one Qlik

Qlik is one of the most highly rated and usable business analytic solutions in the world. This Tool helps to collect the information from every available system, compiling everything together in one platform. It helps to structure, visualize, and, further analyze harnessed information avoiding any type of complication.


Qlik helps to identify the pros and cons of the business, which improves the strategy selection and planning. Besides, it fully modernizes the chain of processes and quickly adapts to changing demands. The system lets you to easily evaluate the impact of each product or service on the company’s market value.

Seamless and effortless process tree

Qlik is an analytical tool that helps to reduce data collection errors. This is a possibility to expand your business view and ultimately increase sales.


This is a shortlist of Qlik's advantages:

  • Data consolidation into one system;
  • In-depth analysis of sales, stocks, and returns;
  • Defining different sales scenarios;
  • Study-predict user behavior;
  • Quick and effective decision making by staff;
  • Identifying and evaluating combinations of profitable products;
  • Effective market basket analysis.