BiFinance - Financial Statement Analysis

Why is the data so valuable?

Nowadays, the Industry of financial services is facing significant changes. In order to maintain competitiveness, companies are trying to gain an advantage by leveraging their most strategic resource - data. Data Analysis is the foundation for developing and constructing the strategies that result in relevant business decisions.


Accessibility to the analytical data is critical to the management of all individual departments:

  • Branch Manager - Requires information that accurately reflects generated profits from each demographic segment;
  • Risk Manager - Requires information to help predict expected outcomes and identify further steps;
  • Financial Manager - Requires information about specific products that reflect costs and profits.


To have a successful business, it is necessary to discover new trends and requirements and ultimately to meet them. This operational pattern serves to maintain and increase sales.

How to stay profitable?

Qlik is a leader in data discovery, visualization, and most importantly analytics. This modern platform helps businesses to determine and satisfy customer desires. This program gives you an opportunity to truly explore your data and get answers to questions you didn’t even intend to ask.


With the help of the system, you will significantly improve your business vision and be able to use the potential of the entire available information, such as sales rate, profitability, the performance of a specific branch, etc.


With this modern analytics platform, you are able to tap into the customer, product, and market data to make the right decisions, link sales data to a P&L statement when measuring profitability, reveal loss ratio within a specific region, ratio trends over time, and underlying risk factors, etc.


Qlik is one of the best business analytics and reporting solutions used by thousands of companies in various financial sectors: banks, brokers, investment consulting, and agents.

Empower and streamline every operation

Qlik empowers users in every department by providing them access to relevant and timely information from a wide range of sources and makes it all visible in a single place. With Qlik, you will explore your data and solve any task.


Here is a shortlist of Qlik's advantages:

  • A mechanism to constantly control and manage the data;
  • Budget optimization and strategic financial decision making;
  • Transparent payments, assets and branch activities;
  • Increase branch sales;
  • Increase product and market scope;
  • Predicting and eliminating risk factors.